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SEC Basketball Power Poll March 7-13


Our ballot. Final results at Garnet and Black Attack.

1. Kentucky: The Cats look good enough to have their 2010 Final Four run forfeited in five years while John Calipari is coaching the Brooklyn Nets.

2. Vanderbilt: Was losing to South Carolina at home a sign of bigger concerns? They did need OT to be Georgia at home, too.

3. Tennessee: As much as I think the guy is a huge publicity whore and phony, Bruce Pearl is a good coach. Their curb stomping of Miss State was another example of how good UT can be.

4. Ole Miss: The Rebs' 4-game winning streak to end the season coincided with Chris Warren's most recent tear. He also averaged less than 2 turns over the last 4 games, a number inflated by 5 turns against Arky on Saturday.

5. Florida: On a three-game losing streak. If you can't take care of your business, you shouldn't make the tournament.

6. Mississippi State: On a two-game losing streak. If you can't take care of your business, you shouldn't make the tournament.

7. Alabama: They defeated South Carolina a week ago. Why can't they do it again at the SEC Tournament?

8. South Carolina: Devan Downey, and his 26.2ppg in SEC games, are the Cocks only hope in Nashville.

9. University of Auburn: Had the Tigers not put the Gators on the line 40 times (making 38), Auburn's 78-70 loss in Gainesville would have been a lot closer. This is what they are reminding themselves prior to the SEC Tourney matchup.

10. Arkansas: Two 4-game losing streaks and a 5-game losing streak to end the season. Ugh.

11. Georgia: The best 5-11 SEC team ever. Until they lost to LSU.

12. LSU: Getting hot at the right time, baby!