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Happy April Fools' Day: Pick The Most Foolish Gator

April Fools' Day is a day for those who have a sense of humor. If you don't have a sense of humor, I suggest you leave now before you're offended by this post.

Now that those people are gone, here are a few Gators who have done some foolish things lately. Also, if you are a fan of Sidd Finch, here's my lame attempt at a Gator version of Finch in 2008. On to the fools;

Gainesville City Commission: In a move to end Ladies' Night at several Gainesville bars, the City used their discrimination ordinance to call the promotions unfair. There's a huge problem, however. If Ladies' Night is unfair, so are discounts for students, military members and seniors, which exist at numerous businesses that aren't trying to get a chick so drunk that she ends up passed out in the Jimmy John's bathroom, eating a Big John (sandwich, not a guy).

Urban Meyer: Thought it was a good idea to confront a reporter in front of cameras and reporters. Hey, it took attention off of Tim Tebow's draft stock for a while. Oh wait...

Deonte Thompson: The First Commandment of Florida Football: Thou shall not speak unkindly of Tim Tebow's throwing motion. Even if you aren't trying to be rude and call the guy a legend five minutes later.

Tim Tebow: He graduated from UF reportedly as a virgin. I don't know how I feel about our society when the children of the Republican ticket are sexually active but the best quarterback in the SEC isn't. Joe Namath and Rex Grossman do not approve.

Erving Walker: 7 turnovers and 4 of 16 shooting in the BYU game. I know UF rallied from a 13 point second half deficit, but it got there because Walker started the half by literally throwing the game away.

Dan Werner: This is more of a career achievement award. But the own goal against Vanderbilt was a nice touch.