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Should Tim Tebow go to the NFL Draft?

One week from the NFL Draft and Tim Tebow has not responded to his invite. The NFL currently has 16 players who will be in New York next Thursday, including Joe Haden and possible No. 1 Sam Bradford. Quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy and Tebow are not on the green room list.

In the case of Clausen, he is facing a situation similar to the one Mark Sanchez had last season. Clausen could be a top-5 pick or not go until the 20s. McCoy looked good in his workout, could go in the first round, but his place is not solid either. Remember, Sanchez stayed in California on Draft Day.

Tebow is the wild card. He does not have the textbook motion of previously mentioned players. But, none of those guys have the Q-score of Tebow. With the NFL moving the first round to the most watched night of television, they would like a star to sit in. Yes, maybe Tebow goes early, maybe he goes late. But you'll watch for as long as Tebow sits there, right? The NFL knows that too.

For the NFL, a perfect situation would be Tebow attending the Draft and falling into the late first round. It holds viewers longer because if you hate Tebow, you want to see him squirm. If you love Tebow, you won't turn off the TV until you know where he lands.

Tebow should worry about himself however and not the NFL's television ratings. People are going to watch no matter what and Tebow does not want to risk becoming the next Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers, hanging out with Suzy Kolber in the green room. We'd rather see Tebow on his family farm doing sprints with a tire attached to him when his name is called, whenever that is.