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Tim Tebow's NFL Draft Day Scenarios

Tim Tebow still has not decided if he will attend the NFL Draft. With how unpredictable this draft could be, it is a lot safer for Tebow, Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy to stay at home for the proceedings. No one wants to see someone left in the green room too long or have to wait until the second round on Friday night. There is also a good chance that Tebow isn't the first Gator offensive player taken, as Maurkice Pouncey is expected to be the second Gator taken after Joe Haden.

Like you, I have my ideas for what could happen for our boy Timmy tomorrow. Here they are and leave yours in the comments.

Tebow is not drafted in the first round: In terms of his career, this is really no big deal. But this would suck and suck hard. It's one thing for Pillow Soft McCoy to drop into round two, but not Tebow. Every Gator fan wants Tebow drafted in the first round because it will be seen as validating how good Tebow and the Gators are. Also, I'd rather go out for drinks Friday night than live blog the draft. (Hell yes, we're live blogging the first round.) This is almost as bad as Tebow being picked by someone who wants to make him a fullback or tight end.

Tebow is picked in the first round by Jacksonville: The Jags cannot draft Tebow at ten. Maybe they trade back into the first round or trade down to get more picks, because it may take that to get Tebow. Since the Jags don't have a second round pick, they have to give up the most to pick Tebow. I would like to see Tebow in Jacksonville because I'm a Gator fan and I can appreciate the Native Son returning home. But, Jaguar fans don't want Tebow. They know winning sells tickets better than a backup quarterback. A game changing skill player like Dez Bryant, C.J. Spiller or a top-quality defensive player will be useful quicker than Tebow would be.

A Rust Belt Team makes Tebow their savior: The Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns both worked out Tebow. Bills coach Chan Gailey was a QB at Florida and has used running QBs (Kordell Stewart, Quincy Carter) in his prior positions. Browns' president Mike Holmgren took Brett Favre's warped mechanics and made him a Hall of Famer. If Tebow goes to either team, first or second round, a tortured fan base would get a hop in their step. You could throw in the Seahawks here too, but Seattle strikes me as a fan base who would not get on the Tebow bandwagon.

Tebow goes to the Minnesota Vikings at pick 30: If Favre plays one more season, the Vikings need someone to jump in. Tavaris Jackson could be that guy, but does he have the ability to put the ball in Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice's hands? Tim Tebow does. He's already done it before and is used to great running backs too. Tebow will keep Adrian Peterson happy, just like he kept Harvin happy in Gainesville. It won't be like Favre checking out of a run to Peterson to pad his own stats. Also, it gives Favre an excuse to come back and train his understudy. COME ON VIKINGS, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!