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Alligator Army 2010 NFL Draft Live Blog

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 10:04 PM EDT ] THERE ARE BRONCO HATS IN THE TEBOW HOUSE

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 10:00 PM EDT ] What percentage does Deion Sanders get of Dez Bryant's contract? I do love that the Cowboys picked him. Turn the crazy to 11.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:57 PM EDT ] Todd McShay makes his second appearance. I can't wait to hear him answer for undrafted free agent Jevan Snead.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:50 PM EDT ] My dream of Tebow to the Vikings is still alive.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:42 PM EDT ] Jeremy Schapp in the room with Tebow. I think he was about to tell them to turn down the TV.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:29 PM EDT ] Maurkice Pouncey to the Steelers! No sleep in Lakeland tonight!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:27 PM EDT ] The Steelers pick could be tremendous.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:20 PM EDT ] Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech to Tennessee. Tom Jackson just 'Woo!'ed during his highlight package.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:12 PM EDT ] Giants take Jason Pierre Paul, who can do a standing back flip. He's also watching the draft from Da Cluuuub.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:07 PM EDT ] New rumor; the Broncos want Tim Tebow. From PFT.

As it turns out, those rumors of quarterback Tim Tebow being a top-15 pick could be sort of accurate.

A team that held a top-15 pick may get him.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, who is sitting a row in front of the PFT contingent at Radio City Music Hall, just said that the Broncos supposedly are sliding back with a plan to pick Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:05 PM EDT ] Seahawks take Earl Thomas, because when there is a DB with dreads available, you got to take him.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 9:03 PM EDT ] Young calling this not a great QB class. Remember at the beginning of this season how it seemed this would be The Year of The QB?

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:57 PM EDT ] The Big Ten needs to expand because it took 13 picks for one of their guys to get drafted. Also, EAGLES SUCK! EAGLES SUCK! EAGLES SUCK! 

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:54 PM EDT ] Berman giving pet peeves of players on the board. SHOW TEBOW AND CLAUSEN!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:50 PM EDT ] Chargers pick Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews. Aren't running backs a dime a dozen? Isn't there a better way to spend your pick after you trade up?

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:44 PM EDT ] Rutgers/49ers OT Anthony Davis is apparently watching the draft at the Bada Bing.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:42 PM EDT ] Can ESPN show a two-way split screen with Tebow and Clausen? Please?

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:39 PM EDT ] STOP TALKING ESPN! THE 49ERS JUST TRADED WITH THE BRONCOS!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:37 PM EDT ] WTF Jaguars? By the way, Schefter NAILED IT.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:32 PM EDT ] Since the Bills considered Tebow, I got a little excited. Time to repeat the process with the Jaguars, even though I know Tebow can't go this early.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:30 PM EDT ] Awesome pick by the Bills. C.J. Spiller on field turf will murder people.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:29 PM EDT ] Rolando McClain goes to Oakland with the 8th pick, making three SEC players in last four picks and all on defense. 

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:21 PM EDT ] Joe Haden crying. I think he is going to the Browns.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:20 PM EDT ] HAHA, the y left Todd McShay in Bristol. SIT AT THE KIDS TABLE, TODD.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:18 PM EDT ] Schefter thinks the Browns take Joe Haden next. That would be huge for Joe, considering his much discussed forty time.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:15 PM EDT ] We will forget about these Big 12 picks when the Big Ten, SEC and Pac-10 raid their league in the next few years.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:12 PM EDT ] SI's Stewart Mandel with a gem on twitter; "Lane Kiffin's worst crime of all last year was he overshadowed Eric Berry with all his jackassery."

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:09 PM EDT ] Adam Schefter looks like the reporters who stand on the floor during political conventions. Actually, the draft would be much cooler if it was set up like that.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:07 PM EDT ] S-E-C! S-E-C! Suck on that Big 12!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:05 PM EDT ] I hate Tennessee, but I don't hate Eric Berry. And I definitely don't hate him enough to send him to the Chiefs. 

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:01 PM EDT ] I was at the Oklahoma-Florida game and if you had told me that 3 Okie players would be in the first 4 picks, I would have been stunned. Not that Oklahoma was good or bad, but they sure as hell were not "Greatest Offense In College Football History." McCoy did have a pick, but Tebow hit him in the chest.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 8:00 PM EDT ] Is it my TV or is Steve Young a bitter man?

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:57 PM EDT ] Everyone was comparing Suh and McCoy to Warren Sapp. You forget the Bucs got Sapp because someone leaked Sapp failed a drug test. Sapp was picked 12th.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:53 PM EDT ] If the Bucs can get about ten more defensive players, they sh ould be ok. Also, LEEEEEEE ROYYYYYYYY!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:51 PM EDT ] McCoy looks happy about going to the Bucs. Good, because he is going to have to carry that defense for a few seasons.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:49 PM EDT ] TAMPAAAAA!!!!! BAYYYYY!!!!!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:46 PM EDT ] The Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler speaking to Tebow; Tebow said him knowing his draft fate is "just a lot of talk. If I did know, it would be nice." Wait, who let Fowler get close to Tebow? Urban Meyer is pissed about this.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:44 PM EDT ] Bucs on the clock, Gerald McCoy still in the room. Remember, back in the day the Bucs drafted another d-lineman from Oklahoma; Lee Roy Selmon.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:42 PM EDT ] Suh on the phone, McCoy with tears in his eyes, does that mean Suh to Detroit? The pick is in!

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:40 PM EDT ] Should mention, we will have a lot of comments about the Bucs too. That is our NFL team of choice, which is what happens when you play three TBYFL games during halftime of early 1990s Bucs preseason games.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:38 PM EDT ] With Bradford out of the way, the real Draft begins. Because no one knows what is next. Hell, it's a huge guess to assume Gerald McCoy and Suh.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:36 PM EDT ] Sam Bradford must feel lonely without Pillow Soft Colt McCoy to hang out with.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:34 PM EDT ] The good part about not knowing who the Rams pick is that Chris Berman can't tip us off. I hate it when he does that.

[Note by mlmintampa, 04/22/10 7:31 PM EDT ] By the way, I dressed like Mr. Two Bits today for our Gators. I got two compliments from women, too.

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