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Gators defense has four picks on second day of NFL Draft

Friday night, four Gators were selected in the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft.

Jermaine Cunningham: New England Patriots, 2nd round, 53rd pick; Cunningham goes to Urban Meyer's good friend Bill Belichick who has built his mighty 3-4 war machine with guys who everyone thought were role players, but stars in Belichick's system. Cunningham can play OLB or DE, giving him an opportunity for plenty of playing time with the Pats. However, it is more likely Cunningham would play OLB. If you saw last season's epic fail by the Pats against Baltimore in the playoffs, you know a speed guy like Cunningham would be a huge boost.

Carlos Dunlap: Cincinnati Bengals, 2nd round, 54th pick; Dunlap provides much needed depth for the Bengals. The problem with Dunlap has always been his inability to reach his potential. The Bengals are no longer the criminals they once were, but if they can get in Dunlap's head and show him the way to be a professional, Dunlap can be a force. 

Brandon Spikes: New England Patriots, 2nd round, 62nd pick; Like Cunningham, Spikes is a perfect fit for the Pats. In the 3-4, you need two ILBs, and plenty of depth. Spikes is not going to start and he needs to get healthy first. Spikes could have fallen further in the draft, but Belichick is the type of coach who will ignore combine measurables. Spikes will get a chance to start if he maintains his awesome level of violence, too.

The Major Wright: Chicago Bears, 3rd round, 75th pick; The Bears used their first overall pick on a headhunter that can flip a game this season in a division with Percy Harvin, Calvin Johnson and Donald Driver. The Major can put absolute fear in the rest of the NFC North and that kind of violence cannot be taught. Wright will have to learn a pro system, but he can step in immediately.