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The (Triumphant?) Return Of Andre Debose

WR Andre Debose participated in full practice for the first time today since last fall's hamstring surgery. Debose impressed John Brantley, as the redshirt freshman did not face contact but was in passing drills against a live defense. 

Debose will continue to be a work in progress, possibly through much of this season. Debose might be able to pick up the nuances of the rebuilding Gator offense, but can he mentally recover from his injury? Any athlete of any skill level has trouble returning from serious injury. Every time Debose accelerates, will he worry about another injury? It will take a lot of practice reps before we should expect anything out of Debose. It might take a few games before he can contribute. Like Brantley and the Gator defense, we will have to be patient with Debose before we pass judgement on if he really is the next Percy Harvin.