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3rd Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em WINNARS

Imagine that you were in school for Florida's two basketball and two football championships. Then, you had your pick of grad schools for your Ph.D. in Biochemistry. You pick Duke, who wins a basketball championship in your first year in Durham.

That's the story of our friend Zach, who won the 3rd Annual Alligator Army Tournament Pick'em with 109 points by picking his grad school Duke in the finals. Not only is it one for the thumb for Zach (five titles as a student), he is the winner of the Gators messenger bag, which is perfect for transporting all of his important textbooks.

Originally, we were not going to have a second place prize. However, we found a Florida Gators Armagnet lying around from last year's tournament pick'em. Mrs. Hook, the other person to pick the Blue Devils, will get a Gators Armagnet. She finished with 96 points, 6 clear of third place. I am very proud to say I puked and rallied, starting 38th and finishing 11th.

To claim your prize, send your mailing address to and we will send your prize.

Thanks to everyone who played. We had 43 entries, our most popular basketball game but one short of our all time mark set by the 2008-09 College Bowl Pick'em.