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Does Meyer want a QB or a RB who can play QB?

The fuss over Urban Meyer considering two quarterbacks should only be a fuss if Meyer decides Trey Burton or Jordan Reed should throw the ball over John Brantley, stunting the growth of a player that has been groomed for this moment. Meyer did decide to come out of his self imposed media blackout to infer that Brantley can't run the ball on 3rd and 3 (most QBs can't), and Burton or the QB/TE Reed is much better for that. Because using a running back, who is trained to get 3 yards, would make too much sense. Remember, relying on a QB to always get you three yards can sometimes turn into this.

If Meyer wants to use Reed like a running back for special situations (Wildcat), wouldn't he be telegraphing the play? Football strategy is dependent on, "here's what we're doing, now stop it," but UF does not have the bodies to do that. At least not this season. What they do have are at least three and possibly four good running backs. Jeff Demps is a world class sprinter, Chris Rainey isn't scared to run through the line, Emmanuel Moody is a bulldozer (when healthy), and Mike Gillislee might be the MVP of spring football. Adding Burton or Reed into the options of short yardage adds another option, but are they more qualified than the backs I named? If you add Burton or Reed to throw the ball, doesn't that take away from Brantley? 

The only other thing I can think of is that Meyer has misspoke. But stack these quotes up and it is clear that he thinks Brantley is missing something in his game and Burton or Reed has to cover that.

"We’re going to try and play two quarterbacks this year," Meyer said. "We have to. On third-and-3, we know what we want to do, and John probably is not going to do it because he’s not that kind of player."


"Everyone says we ran Tim because he’s a great player. That’s partially true. The other part is single-wing offense gives you plus one in the run game," Meyer said. "Jordan Reed has proven he can do it, and Trey Burton can run well, too. This is the year I think we actually will play two like we played Tim and Chris Leak."


"[Brantley is] doing fine. He’s having a good spring," Meyer said. "He can really throw the football, but he’s a guy who has to do a lot better in other things."

This brings up the only concern with Brantley as quarterback; if Meyer is so set on a mobile QB, why make Brantley the starter? If Meyer can't or won't build an offense around a traditional quarterback with an arm that makes grown men cry tears of joy, what will the next two seasons look like? If Meyer is sacrificing playing time for Brantley to feed his appetite for a substandard but mobile quarterback, he better hope it works, because Meyer will be under much more scrutiny without No. 15 back there to be his all-everything back. It would be nice for Meyer to stick with one QB, two RBs and not yank everyone else's chain.