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What you won't see at Orange & Blue

The Orange & Blue Game was where Tim Tebow first wore a Gator jersey and changed our football program forever. But nothing that groundbreaking will happen at 2010 Orange & Blue because the best recruits are still in high school.

The defense will lack future standouts like Ronald Powell, Dominique Easley and Sharrif Floyd. Hurricane Leon Orr, Matt Elam and Jordan Haden are enrolled, but it will be hard to gauge how good the unit is without the three jewels UF got in recruiting. On offense, QB Trey Burton, TE Gerald Christian and WR Solomon Patton are in camp, but RB Mack Brown and WR Chris Dunkley are not.

Saturday will be another example of how different this season will be for UF and the fans. While a weak SEC East could get UF to Atlanta, the Gators have to deal with losing some of the best players in the program's history. Replacing Tim Tebow, Joe Haden, Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Spikes (all possibly the best player all-time at their position) is harder when you consider their total impact. The skill level is changing as much as the personalities. We will start to really see that this weekend, but it make take summer camp to get a better sense of who everyone really is.