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More sound advice from Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer finished Wednesday's practice with a bit of advice for his team;

"No stealing, no drugs, no weapons!" Meyer barked at his players. "There’s a good decision and a bad decision. Make that good decision!"

Of course, this wasn't the first or last time Meyer will give this speech. But, it was the first time the press heard it, since Meyer is insisting on doing everything very loudly and in public this spring. It did get us to thinking about some other pieces of advice Urban Meyer probably has given during his time in Gainesville.

- If you do not like your Jimmy John's sandwich, do not throw it back at the kid who just made it.

- Across from Rawlings Hall is the building that gives out free food samples. Behind the building is an air vent that blows out cold air. It is very refreshing after running in a long sleeved t-shirt.

- If you have a problem with someone, confront them in a loud and obnoxious manner!

- Firing a gun in the air is awesome. But some pussy will tattle on you, so don't do it. 

- There is no reason to go to East Gainesville. Not even for Satchel's Pizza.

- Don't smoke weed. If you do, make sure it's because you get crippling migraine headaches.

- No fat chicks!