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Tim Tebow is your EA Sports "NCAA Football 11" cover boy

Always assumed, but now confirmed, Tim Tebow will be in your XBox, PS3 and Sega Genesis this fall as the "NCAA Football 11" cover player. did an interview with Tebow and it is better than your usual, "Talk about how much you like the product," stuff. It's actual questions!

Jon Robinson: Why do you think you're such a polarizing figure?

Tim Tebow: I just think I've been truly blessed to be at the University of Florida and have had a little bit of success. In today's society, people look up to football players. Don't ask me why; that's just how it is right now, so I've been blessed to have a platform. And I think that platform is more than just a platform; it's a responsibility, an obligation to be a good role model to young kids growing up in today's society. I hope people are out there saying positive things about what I'm doing, but I know that's not always the case. I honestly just try to worry about what I can control, and I can't control all of that.

[Tebow still doesn't know how to answer that question. Just say, "Screw them all and let God sort it out."]

Also, you have to read the article just for the Tebow pictures. You know how corny Tebow can be? Now, imagine that in pictures. This one killed me.