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ESPN attempts takedown of Meyer, falls short

The news of Urban Meyer finally signing a contract extension is only one part of a larger ESPN piece on Meyer, his relationship with AD Jeremy Foley and the University. The piece by ESPN investigative reporter Mike Fish goes into deeper detail than any previous stories about Meyer and what has been happening since his retirement/unretirement/leave of absence.

The article notes that while Meyer has not signed a new deal, he's paid under the new deal's compensation. Meyer also does not have an agent, relying instead on financial advisors. The article notes that it is rare for a coach to go almost a year with an unsigned contract. It is more rare the coach does not have an agent or at least a lawyer to assist. In regards to the contract, Foley comes across as Officer Barbrady, but that is how the UAA functions. (You could ask a UAA spokesperson if the Pope was Catholic and they wouldn't give you a straight answer.) 

I get the sense from reading it ESPN was looking for something more, but realized there was nothing. ESPN requested and received public records to track University plane use and Meyer's expenses (like his $436 Sugar Bowl per diem). The only reason why you would do that is if you think or if you hope there are secrets to be exposed. That is aided by Meyer also refusing comment for the story.

ESPN is used to Mack Brown and Pete Carroll acting as publicity agents, not guys like Meyer. At least Nick Saban will give you a good press conference. The reporter or producer assigned to this story clearly thought something must be up in Gainesville. They snooped around and found nothing. Maybe they finally get what Florida fans also understand; nothing that happens with Urban Meyer is normal. But that doesn't mean it is bad, either.