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Florida coaches were Facebook creepin'

From our favorite Gators' beat writer, Jeremy Fowler, comes word that UF committed NCAA minor violations. By using Facebook. Seriously.

A Florida assistant posted comments on the Facebook walls of two recruits on Aug. 5. An opposing school monitored the walls and reported the comments to the SEC office.

Florida then self-reported an assistant's Facebook wall posting to a recruit on Aug. 7, a separate violation.

The names of the assistant coaches or the whistle-blowing school were not revealed in Florida's records.

For each offense, the coach was reminded of the interpretation and prohibited from written communication in recruiting for a two-week period.

The Orlando Sentinel noted that UF coaches can email or direct message recruits, but can't post on Facebook walls. I would love to know who the opposing school was that was also Facebook creepin'.

UF also self-reported violations for "impermissible protective gear" (would that be the Nutty Buddy?) and two coaches calling the same recruit in a week. It is interesting to note these violations are from 2009 and were only brought into the light of day via a public records request by the Orlando Sentinel.