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Gators pick up The Great Khali, I mean, Chris Martin

Between worrying about Maurkice Pouncey and straight cash homies, Florida has been doing work. Wednesday, the Gators picked up LB Chris Martin, who dropped California for Florida. Martin, who looks like The Great Khali, was the top linebacker in the 2010 class. 

Martin, like the other recruits Florida signed this spring, thinks the Gators could have a once-in-a-generation defense.

"I'm ecstatic to be a part of something that could be truly special," Martin said. "You see how Brandon Spikes and Tim Tebow came together with their class and said they were going to win a national championship. It's the same thing here except just a little bit of a later addition being me. I guess I am the last piece to the snowman when you're all done. I hope people will remember this class and see what we're trying to accomplish by all coming together for a common goal." 

Martin also said he left Cal because he was a local kid and there were too many distractions. He said he fell in love with Gainesville and he could handle the "distractions around the city of Gainesville." Oh really, Christopher? Gainesville can drink and do drugs just as good as a Pac-10 school!