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2010 SEC Media Days: UF meets Pouncey controversy head-on

The UAA is awful in their handling of the press and breaking news. But having Urban Meyer and Mike Pouncey answering questions with confidence Wednesday at SEC Media Days was the best thing they could have done.

Meyer issued a denial based on what Maurkice Pouncey told him in regards to allegations Maurkice received $100,000 in December 2009. Meyer didn't take responsibility for anything because that would implicate UF and you can't responsibility for something you didn't do. (Although, note the difference in transcription here and here. Meyer saying "he" or "we" is a huge difference in meaning.)

Mike Pouncey got plenty of public relations coaching and defended the family name. The UAA could have kept Pouncey under lock and key, but they finally figured out the best way to deal with a controversy is to get in front of it. It would take USC level arrogance and deception for the Gators to think a big PR move would save them from NCAA sanctions. The statements by Meyer and Pouncey appear legit, which is exactly what Gator fans should hope for. Meyer wasn't swinging wildly like Nick Saban, who coaches players who are not paid, but called people who are paying players "pimps".

Nothing is going to be solved in a week, either in Florida's case or Alabama's. At least UF appears to be handling the questions around the program properly.