One of your favorite Orlando Sentinel writers shows his true colors

Remember the discussion about Florida grads and Orlando Sentinel writers Mike Bianchi and Jeremy Fowler in this thread? Well, Bianchi showed this morning he is an old school Gator; an unprovoked attack on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia fans have way too high of an opinion of their program. In fact, I believe an argument could be made that Georgia is the the most overrated program in college football history.

Think about this: Georgia has won one national title in the modern era and that came 30 years ago in 1980. And the only reason it happened then is because of two lightning-in-a-bottle happenstances: The Bulldogs were fortunate enough to sign arguably the greatest player in college football history (see Herschel Walker) and they were lucky enough to take advantage of one of the biggest fluke plays in college football history (see above video of Lindsay Scott’s catch-and-run against Florida during the national championship season).

I would not call Georgia the most overrated team in history, especially when Florida did not become an national power until the mid-1980s. (And I like UGA as an academic institution.) However, I once spent 10 minutes on WRUF railing about how the only traditions Georgia has are silver pants, Herschel Walker and a dog. HOORAY HATRED!

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