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Alligator Army Off Topic: Pac-12 - SEC Football Challenge

The Pac-10 is moving into a Brave New World this week during their Media Days in New York. Not only is the league finally taking advantage of their television power, they will become the Pac-12 in 2011 with the additions of Colorado and Utah.

Andy Staples wrote this week about the shift in thinking among the Pac-10 schools. Like our beloved SEC, the Pac-10 has great Olympic and minor sports programs, powerhouse basketball (UCLA) and powerhouse football (USC). While the Pac-10 has the academic excellence some SEC schools aspire to, they never have had the depth of powerhouse programs or earning power of the SEC. This has resulted in schools like California using significant tax dollars to fund athletics, while Florida and Georgia exist almost entirely on private dollars and earnings.

Now that the Pac-10 is becoming the Pac-12 and joining the SEC in Modern College Football, we propose a Pac-12 - SEC Football Challenge in 2012 and 2013. This would create beautiful television and plenty of revenue to make up for losing a home game (I'm looking at you, Jeremy Foley). Here is a list of proposed games. In the interest of fairness, each team has a home and road game. Drop your ideas in the comments.

2012 Season:

Florida @ Utah: Urban Meyer Bowl

Georgia @ California: Girls in black cocktail dresses vs. girls protesting in trees

Kentucky @ Oregon: Thursday Night Special, second of doubleheader

South Carolina @ UCLA

Tennessee @ Washington

Vanderbilt @ Stanford: Ivory Tower Bowl

Arizona @ Alabama

Oregon State @ Arkansas

USC @ Auburn: 2004 National Championship Game

Colorado @ LSU

Washington State @ Mississippi State: Thursday Night Special, first of doubleheader

Arizona State @ Mississippi: The Civil Rights/Federal Lawsuit Game

2013 Season:

California @ Florida: For a real throwback, this game would be played in Tampa. But we know UF would never give up the home-gate revenue.

Utah @ Georgia: Utah attempts to become the second team to hang 50 on Georgia in Athens.

UCLA @ Kentucky: Basketball Bowl

Oregon @ South Carolina: Thursday Night Special, first of doubleheader

Stanford @ Tennessee: Stanford fans have as many degrees as Tennessee fans have teeth.

Washington @ Vanderbilt 

Alabama @ USC: Throwback to the game that led to integration of Alabama football.

Arkansas @ Arizona: Thursday Night Special, second of doubleheader

Auburn @ Arizona State

LSU @ Oregon State

Mississippi @ Washington State

Mississippi State @ Colorado