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What are you worried about?

Three weeks is plenty of time for things to change, but we know most of the players who will take the field for the Florida Gators on Sept. 4. The Gators are supposed to be in rebuilding mode. Instead, the weakened SEC East, the number of returning experienced players and a strong recruiting class have created a confidence uncommon for a team that lost their two best players and national award finalists. 

Early results from fall practice back up this confidence. John Brantley is unproven, but at least has the pedigree needed. Andre Debose is healthy, as is the majority of the team. The o-line returns three starters, including Mike Pouncey. Plus, the d-line might be a year away, but they are monsters right now. 

It is far from perfect, however. UF is breaking in a new defensive coordinator, middle linebacker, cornerback, tight end, No. 1 wide receiver and behind Brantley are two guys who would see more snaps at Southwest Rec.  I think that is the biggest thing to be worried about; Brantley's health. Behind Brantley are Trey Burton and Jordan Reed, who have as much college experience as I have. If something happens to the man from Ocala, the Gators are up Hogtown Creek without a paddle. 

But what are you worried about? Maybe it's the holes in the o-line, who will play MLB, Brantley's awful hair cut, if Omarius Hines will finally run like Secretariat and catch like Rice, that UAA kiddie porn king pin Steve Babik isn't in prison yet, or Urban Meyer having another "health episode." Tell us in the comments. Think of it as an Alligator Army version of "Johnny, are you worried?" OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JOHNNY!