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A case of the Mondays for the Gators

The gap between summer school and fall semester can be a strange time for Gainesville and the Florida Gators. Such was the case Monday when two off the field issues impacted the Gators.

The first was the impending release of Jordan Haden, Joe's younger brother. Jordan was one of 40 defensive backs Florida has and could be released without restrictions. Both Haden's father and UF had kind words to say about each side. It seems like Jordan didn't like Gainesville or his spot on the team. Better for UF and his career to transfer now, instead of later.

The second bizarre case was UF recruit/Nature Coast quarterback Ja'Juan Story being charged with battery in Hernando County. Story is accused of going with a woman to another woman's house after the two women had an angry online exchange and punching the woman's mother. (Hernando is classy.) Story claims he did not hit the woman, but sheriff's reports say otherwise. He also claims the other woman's family had weapons, which is the opposite of the sheriff's reports. Story was not arrested, but does have to appear in court in September. Story is a three-star, so this might have been enough to lose his scholarship offer.