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Don't worry about the recent Gators transfers

Adrian Coxson and Jordan Haden, two top-tier recruits, have left Gainesville during the first weeks of fall camp. The outside perspective could be that Urban Meyer is running the kids ragged or that something more sinister is at stake.

The likely reason for the players living the Gators is probably something as simple as playing time (Haden) and homesickness (Coxson). Haden was entering a defensive backfield with about 20 corners and 15 safeties. The secondary was so deep, Major Wright left school after an average season and might be starting for the Chicago Bears. Plus, Haden had to deal with his brother's ghost. It's like Mickey Mantle wearing No. 6. (Since DiMaggio wore No. 5 and Mantle was set to replace him, Mantle had No. 6 originally. The more you know...) That pressure to following in someone's footsteps can be too much.

As for Coxson, you can only take him at his word that he wanted to be back home. UF isn't for everyone and the first few weeks in town can be very hard. It will be interesting to see if Coxson gets an unconditional release, like Haden, because Coxson did consider Georgia. But the other schools he preferred were all near his hometown of Baltimore (Maryland, Penn State and West Virginia). 

Two players out of 80 or so in camp is not much. Had this been Billy Donovan and 2 of 5 recruits leaving, then that would be a story.