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FSU kicking Bowden to the curb went exactly as you thought it did

Imagine if you had a college sports team that was a total failure. Now imagine if someone came in and built that team out of nothing. When the coach got older, he wanted to retire on his own terms. Would you let him? Or would you force him out by hiring an overpaid assistant coach, break an agreement and send him home like a grad assistant?

If you answered Yes to question two, congratulations, you could work for Florida State University. (By the way, that was FSU's president who did that stuff. I think that explains how the rest of FSU fell into the toilet in the last decade.) The Sporting News interviewed Bobby Bowden Monday, who accused FSU of forcing him out by hiring Jimbo Fisher against his wishes, breaking his contract and giving him a suitcase for a retirement gift. FSU's then President, T.K. Wetherell, played for Bowden. PROUD DAY, FSU! 

Florida does not exactly have a clean soul, but it's pretty hard to top running out the only successful head coach in your history like he was an Eastern European dictator. UF might have ignored a Steve Spurrier return, but the OBC has a good enough relationship with UF to attend his Ring of Honor ceremony and allow a statue of him to be made. 

Of course, FSU named their field after Bowden and built a statue and stained glass window of him, so they have every right to break an agreement to allow Bowden to coach into the 2010 season. I don't want to be seen as supporting Bowden here, but I do find it awesome that he is swinging for the knees of FSU's administration and athletic department. (I hate Bowden almost as much as I hate FSU.)

As for Wetherell, he loves his alma mater so much that he won't attend a FSU game this season. He also claims that firing Bowden was a bad as enduring the layoffs and budget cuts forced on FSU by the state legislature. (By the way, UF has had to deal with the same things, but President Bernie Machen didn't quit like Wetherell.)

Anyway, we hope that Bowden sells a lot of books and a lot of books on tape to FSU fans.