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Mike Pouncey is The Captain

It does not matter that Mike Pouncey called the freshman class, "cocky", that that should, "just shut their mouths and come play." What does matter is that Mike Pouncey said it.

The biggest concern over losing Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes was the leadership vacuum caused by their absence. Replacing players happens every season. But this was replacing two of the most notable personalities in Gators history. Two guys who pushed NFL riches back one season for another chance at a title.

Pouncey's comments are typical of any older player and were said with a smile on his face. Looking into it any more than a senior putting the new kids in their place would be wrong. But, you should be very happy that Pouncey is clearly taken the role of a captain to extend the influence of the Gators who left last season. For all the talent the incoming players have, they don't know how to win in the SEC. 

Pouncey isn't stepping on John Brantley's leadership, either. The great centers are leaders on great teams. Like a great catcher, centers can improve their team in ways the average person never sees. He's not just responsible for a flat ass for his quarterback's hands. The center has to work with the quarterback as much as a receiver, working on protection and blitz calls. He needs the trust of his linemen to call out the right schemes and not leave anyone on an island. 

On defense, we've seen Ahmad Black and Will Hill also taking their role of grizzled veteran seriously. But it's fantastic to see Pouncey outspoken and assert himself as the Gators' leader and true captain.