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Alligator Army Confidence Poll / Anxiety Index

"Complex litigation, this is John..."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Johnnnnnnnnnny!"

If you know what this is from, this post is for you. Actually, if you don't know Bill and JackO, this post is for you too.

At the top of the left side of the page is a "confidence poll" about the Gators. SBNation has used it on other blogs previously and has now introduced it network wide. You can vote as much as you like and it is anonymous. Voting is weekly. 

We'll have occasional posts about it, especially in this rebuilding/transition/holy crap, we have a chance season. It will be especially interesting to see what happens if UF has close games against USF and Tennessee before the LSU-Alabama weeks. Maybe by then, it will become an anxiety index.