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If the Gators practice behind a blue tarp, what does it mean?

If you were planning on seeing John Brantley and Will Hill in flimsy jerseys and mesh shorts, you'll have to wait until next year. In a state where you can see a Major League or NFL training camp for free and without restrictions, the Florida Gators have closed all practices starting Thursday. 

Missing out on a few hours of drills isn't a big deal. But we will have no idea as to who is doing good and who is doing bad in camp. In a season with a lot of question marks, we won't have answers until September.

I think the scope and level of Florida's rebuilding is the reason why we have to wait until September to see how good everyone is. Two days of camp usually won't tell you the starters, but it would at least show who was in shape. But it could show who was ready and who wasn't. This is Urban Meyer's way of protecting a young team from an inquisitive press corps and demanding fans. Andre Debose can run an out -route in peace, even if you're steamed about not being able to watch practice.