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Why having closed practices sucks

I realize some of you are not fans of the Fourth Estate, but note this exchange from the Palm Beach Post;

Linebacker Brandon Hicks said it is unclear if the team how often the team will have three or four linebackers on the field. Black said the team currently is running out of a 4-3 base like it did last year.

For the sake of argument, we will assume that Hicks is being coy with the reporter. That's probably what he was told to do by the UAA. But as fans of the team, we have no idea how much UF will run a 4-3 because no one who speaks to us saw it. Hell, the least UF can do is allow a pool reporter like the White House Press Corps. 

Hicks' comment about the 4-3 was probably the most notable news to come from Thursday's practices. John Brantley is leading by example, there is a cornerback spot open and a steel-cage match for the linebacker spots. Urban Meyer has scheduled a ladder match, with the MLB spot being determined by climbing a ladder and grabbing a briefcase hanging in the air at the French Fries on campus. Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic will face off in that match. Unless UF goes to a 3-4.

If you have been able to see practice through the blue tarps at the practice fields or the top of the 3rd base stands at McKethan, let us know in the comments.