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If you think Emmitt Smith snubbed you or the Gators, you need to get over it

I did not notice Emmitt Smith forgetting the Gators in his Hall of Fame speech. I noticed him saying a former lineman of his was dead and that was why he could not be there with them, however. You see, Emmitt is not exactly a master of the English language. This is a man who said "debacled" and called Al Michaels "Mike" last night. As a Gator fan, I was more embarrassed when Gator fans seemingly spoiled an otherwise awesome speech by whining like children about their omission from Smith's speech, rather than the non-mention of the Gators. (Usually I can't hear anyone speak with these five championship rings plugged in my ears.)

I find it hard to believe a man who sobbed when talking about his fullback and took pride in having the same name of his father and son, could be so vindictive as to purposefully leave out his college team. He's in Just For Men commercials! How bad could he be? Besides, Smith was the 2005 Homecoming Parade Grand Marshall. Between 2005 and now, Smith developed hate for Florida? Sure, maybe he doesn't like Steve Spurrier and his college coaches put Florida into NCAA probation hell. But Urban Meyer and Jeremy Foley have been great ambassadors for Florida, including Meyer attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies. 

If Smith didn't like being a Gator or his time in Gainesville, you can't take that as an insult. Not everyone will love where they went to school. If Smith was that way, or if he felt more loyalty to his birthplace or the Cowboys, there is nothing you can do about it. It doesn't seem like Smith harbors any negativity towards UF (maybe Spurrier), but it does seem like he made an honest mistake in not mentioning UF.

That said, there are more important things to worry about than if a old pro mentioned his college team. They are;

- Tim Tebow looks like the Padres mascot.

- Lane Pryce was the star of last night's "Mad Men."

- Joakim Noah played ball with The Most Powerful Man In The World (see below).

- Dan McCarney thinks his d-line is a year away.

- And Roger Goodell has an alternative plan for the 2011 Super Bowl while trying to break the NFLPA.