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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • The theme from the Fourth Estate this week is that the Gators need to get their act together. There is no cheering in the press box and every reporter loves an upset. But the fact is that no one wants to see a heavy favorite lose to a team the press considers inferior. Such is the case with this story in the Orlando Sentinel which actually says the sky would fall on UF Football if the Gators lost. Yes, it would suck hard if UF lost, but this Gators team is not going to win any National Championships or compete for any Heismans. The sky might fall on Steve Addazio's head, but let's have some perspective. Besides, after the losses to Miami in 2003 and Georgia in 2007, I broke furniture. That won't happen this year.
  • The Miami Herald says the Gators feel a sense of urgency. That's nice and all, but how about a sense of playing like the Florida Gators? You know, the program that has won two of the last four National Championships? Having some pride in your work should be more of a motivating factor than thinking USF is USC.
  • I have sympathy for my snapping brother Mike Pouncey, but the St. Petersburg Times and Palm Beach Post are correct that he will be Public Enemy Number One if he struggles again. Hopefully Pouncey gets his head right. The Post also calls out Carl Moore for nearly playing every down and not having a catch. Carl Moore is Louis Murphy, minus the talent.
  • Caleb Sturgis will be out today after suffering an injury lifting weights. Chas Henry will likely take his place. Two problems with this; the injury happened on Monday but no one knew about it until late last night, and why the hell is a kicker lifting weights? Get out from under the squat rack and go practice your 40-yarders.
  • Finally, to bring down the room a bit, Football Outsiders will let you know that UF actually played worse than you think. They are optimistic about UF, despite looking at numbers that say otherwise.