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Chris Rainey arrested for aggravated stalking

Chris Rainey was arrested early Tuesday on charges of aggravated stalking. The Gainesville Police report states that Rainey had sent a text to a woman he had been dating that said, "Time to die." The report also states that after the woman told Rainey that police were at her home, Rainey made another threatening remark. At that time, GPD arrested Rainey at his apartment. Rainey admitted to the text, but not the following threatening remark. Rainey was booked into Alachua County Jail is waiting his first appearance before a judge.

Rainey was questionable for Saturday's game at Tennessee due to a concussion against USF. Without Rainey, the Gators will need to quickly bring up Andre Debose to play the slot.

[Update 12:25pm] Rainey has been released on his own recognizance. The alleged victim was also in court and told the judge she was not worried about Rainey, but instead about the media coverage. She also did not want him to be arrested. Rainey was ordered not to have contact the alleged victim. While we might be able to assume that Rainey won't be changed with a crime (since the alleged victim has said she did not want him arrested), Rainey will get at the minimum a suspension and possibly kicked off the team. Something that is a stupid act, like a DUI or positive drug test, could he shrugged off. Crimes that involve women, even something like a threatening text message, are much more serious.

[Update 2:45pm] Since Urban Meyer cannot be bothered to speak to the press on a day when he isn't scheduled to, Steve Addazio said Rainey, "is not part of the team right now." We will have to wait on Meyer to speak during the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday to actually figure out what Addazio's statement means.