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Urban Meyer on Chris Rainey: "He is not with the team;" Hines moves to the slot

In today's SEC teleconference, Urban Meyer said Chris Rainey is currently not with the Gators, with his future still up in the air.

"He is not with the team," Meyer said. "We will see as we go. The immediacy of it is that he is not with the team." Meyer also does not know how long Rainey could be out for. He is at least out for Tennessee on Saturday.

Replacing Rainey, and get ready for this, is Omarius Hines. YES. Replacing Hines? Jordan Reed. That is some cold-blooded football right there. If Trey Burton replaced T.J. Pridemore at fullback, I'd have my smashmouth spread option dream skill players. 

From a football standpoint, Rainey was likely out Saturday (or at least limited) due to his concussion. Lining up Hines in the slot means the big man punishing undersized DBs and running past linebackers. (Did you know Hines was a cross-country runner? He's got basketball hands too. I'm telling ya, you better join me on the Omarius Hines Bandwagon before it gets too crowded.) Reed at WR/TE works too, but it will be interesting to see how well he handles the position. It is important to note that Burton obviously remains the heavy package quarterback. The Gators are not exactly showing their hand here, but at least UT knows Burton is still in his assumed post. 

As for Rainey, I think kicking him off the team for this season might be the minimum. You hate to throw a guy's career away, but you can't tolerate threats to a significant other.