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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

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  • The Omarius Hines Bandwagon is picking up passengers after Hines' 36 yard run off a fake punt in the third quarter. To consider how big that play was, remember Tennessee had just tied the game 10-10 and was forcing a 3-and-out. Instead, Florida converts with the fake and scores a go-ahead touchdown. Without Hines' play, granted on a great call by Urban Meyer, this may not have been a 31-17 win for the Gators.
  • The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald give credit to John Brantley for handling a big crowd and converting seven 3rd downs throwing the ball (UF converted eight 3rd downs). The Palm Beach Post calls it Brantley's worst game. Yes, UF needs to get the plays in quicker and Brantley could be less wild, but his worst game? Get off it. You can't have a best or worst of anything when it is your first road and first SEC game. Brantley need to take care of the ball (no picks) and move the chains (the seven converts). If you're complaining that he doesn't scramble or isn't throwing for 300 yards on a team with better running backs than receivers, stop following the team and watch Auburn instead.
  • Jeremy Brown had what might have been called a "puke and rally." After being beaten on Tennessee's score to tie the game at 10-10 (Brown got caught looking at Matt Simms, not WR Denarius Moore), Brown picked off a pass that led to the eventual winning touchdown. He needs to step up since teams are not throwing to Janoris Jenkins' side of the field.
  • Speaking of the defense, they limited UT's rushing attack that had been averaging 136 yards per game to only 23 yards and two 3rd down conversions on Saturday. I don't think UF will do that against Alabama, but I don't really care either. Florida has to worry most about winning the divisional games for any tiebreakers to go to the SEC Championship Game.
  • The Gators offense showed they are a running team with 49 attempts for 150 yards, even when it was clear Tennessee was going to clog the middle. But if you keep pounding, you will gain yards and soften the defense. It's like a boxer pounding the body. You're not going to knock anyone out, but you'll be winning on the scorecards.
  • Jordan Reed, Trey Burton and Robert Clark were not bad in moving into new spots due to Chris Rainey's suspension. Reed and Clark each had a catch, while Burton scored a touchdown out of the Wildcat. I like Reed and Burton in because they are bigger guys and can handle the ball. But note that instead of lining up Hines or Reed at tight end, UF would use an extra tackle in that spot. The Gators would rather put a big body there and announce they are running, rather than hoping a tight end doesn't get blown up.