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SEC Power Poll Week 3


While I missed the voting deadline, here is what would have been my SEC Power Poll ballot for week three. Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Alabama: It was against Duke, but Mark Ingram running for 151 last week should put the fear of God into the rest of the SEC. The Tide remain the most complete team in the conference.

2. LSU: The Tigers are 2-0 in the league and will probably go 2-0 against legit OOC teams with a win against West Virginia on Saturday. With Tennessee the week after, LSU will go into the Florida game as an undefeated team. Jordan Jefferson is not exactly helping the Tigers, but he isn't hurting them either.

3. Auburn: They showed a lot of heart in rallying to defeat Clemson. But Cam Newton has three interceptions in the last two games.

4. South Carolina: I still like the Gamecocks to challenge UF in the SEC East, but their sloppy effort against Furman raised some questions.

5. Arkansas: We are going to find out a lot about the Hogs this weekend against Alabama. I'm thinking it is that Arky is not as good as they think.

6. Florida: The Gators have yet to score in the first quarter. No matter how much of a homer you are, you have to admit that is worrisome. UF can handle Kentucky, but John Brantley especially needs to step up to handle the doubleheader of Alabama and LSU to start October.

7. Kentucky: If there is any year for the Wildcats to win their first game against UF since 1986, this is it. UK has offensive playmakers and I'm thinking the Florida crowd will be pretty lazy for a 7pm start.

8. Tennessee: The Vols don't have the talent, but they played hard the last two weeks. Hell, UF needed a fake punt to shift momentum last week. 

9. Georgia: The Dawgs are bad. Really bad. What is worse is that they couldn't figure out how to stop Marcus Lattimore two weeks ago and Ryan Mallett last week. That's on the coaching staff.

10. Mississippi State: The Bulldogs gained 249 and 268 yards the last two weeks. Maybe the Dan Mullen offense will take off in year three.

11. Vanderbilt: Vandy could actually be higher than this, as they are a blown call and two points from being 2-1. Considering how weak Georgia is, maybe Vandy avoids being the worst in the East.

12. Ole Miss: Is this the Curse of Colonel Reb or the Curse of Admiral Ackbar?