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Mike Pouncey thinks Chris Rainey will be back

Mike Pouncey told reporters Wednesday afternoon that he thinks Chris Rainey will be back with the Gators at some point. Pouncey did not give a timeline for Rainey's return. Of course, shortly after Pouncey's remarks about his high school teammate, UF threw Pouncey under the bus because players cannot speak about the team or their teammates. God forbid a team captain takes a leadership role.

Pouncey does lend some insight in that he has been friends with Rainey since their days playing ball in Lakeland. But he was vague enough in that Rainey's return could be this season or next. Rainey still has to deal with the criminal investigation, and I find it hard to believe that anything less than a season suspension would be handed down. (Think of the sister/daughter theory; how would you feel about the crime if it happened to your sister or daughter? Now consider that Urban Meyer has two daughters.) Besides, Meyer may look at the football side of things and realize that Rainey's absence opens up playing time for freshmen.