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Watch out Gators, Kentucky is a trap!

Urban Meyer is a very good coach. But in between losing one game to our three most hated rivals and winning two National Championships since he started in 2005, Meyer has been caught in some trap games. 

In 2005, the Gators went into South Carolina with a shot to win the SEC East. Instead, the Gamecocks, in Steve Spurrier's first game against his alma mater, defeated UF 30-22. It snapped a 14-game winning streak in the series for UF.

In 2006, UF was No. 2 and undefeated ahead of the Georgia game. But the week before, Auburn defeated the Gators 27-17, in a game still hated by any UF fan who attended. A year later, Auburn shocked the Gators at home, a week before UF would play and lose to No. 1 LSU. Of course, we remember UF blowing the doors off Tennessee in 2008, then getting upset by Ole Miss at home. 

This might be the best shot the Wildcats have in snapping their 23 game losing streak against UF. With experienced players like Mike Hartline and Randall Cobb, Kentucky has talent and maturity. The 7pm start might also work into the Cats favor if the student size decides to sit on their hands or leave early to hit da bars.

UF does not have to worry about frat brahs emptying out the student section, but UK isn't going to lay down for UF. This will make for a different challenge for UF. UK has the maturity that Florida does not have. If the Gators get in front by a few, Hartline will not panic. Young players will assume that one punch in the mouth is enough for a knockout, but that won't be enough. 

It is human nature to look ahead to the Alabama-LSU death march coming up in two weeks. Florida might lose those games, too. But they cannot allow their focus to go bad and allow a loss Saturday because they were worried about something else.