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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

  • Poor John Brantley. He's not Tim Tebow or Danny Wuerffel, so game four means the pressure is on for him to blow apart Kentucky's defense today. The Tampa Tribune and Miami Herald both call out Brantley, although the Herald aims some of the criticism rightly at the coaching staff. I still think Brantley will be a Heisman contender and lead UF to No. 1 in 2011. As for now, I don't mind if he is a game manager who throws eight-yard passes and no picks. At least as long as we win. Starting next week, that will get tougher.
  • Of course, Jeff Demps is the best offensive player for the Gators and the key to UF's success. I'm also hoping for a big day for Demps now that he is playing for Dick Whitman, my college fantasy team. (Yes, I have a college fantasy team. No, I do not have a girlfriend.)
  • Much has been made about Urban Meyer getting to 100 wins. The Palm Beach Post frames it in the context of if Meyer will get to 200 wins. I think most of us accept that Meyer is not coaching into old age. I think we would also take Meyer coaching another few years, at least until he decides to coach Nate Meyer and the spread at St. Francis High School in Gainesville.
  • Kentucky is supposed to be "on a business trip" for today's game. But they wore the dress sweats instead of suits. 
  • Finally, Pat Dooley notes how Gator fans are not always the most sophisticated or patient of fans. Of course, he uses Dickens to make his point, losing half the audience. 
  • We'll have our game thread up later this afternoon. As always, follow us on the twitter @AlligatorArmy or on the facebook.