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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

  • Jeff Demps has at least a sprained foot, which could limit his time against Alabama. If that is the case, Trey Burton Bandwagon and Mike Gillislee should get more touches. As for Emmanuel Moody, he will continue to get the ball, even though this is the slowest he has looked as a Gator.
  • Florida had an awful second quarter, gaining only 47 yards and allowing a touchdown on a fake field goal. UF also had 10 yards of penalties, a bad snap, and John Brantley was 4/8 for 35 yards including blowing a pass to an open Omarius Hines Bandwagon. An optimist doesn't worry about the second quarter, a pessimist worries that we can't keep driving the ball.
  • Speaking of Johnny Boy, the Palm Beach Post might have something against Brantley. Note the fifth point here. That was after calling Brantley's performance against Tennessee his "worst game." I don't want to defend Brantley because I would like to have some form of impartiality. But, this was his fourth start. Brantley was also 6/9 for 97 yards in converting 3rd or 4th down. Yes, I'd would like my quarterback to convert 100 percent of those downs, but that is impossible. Brantley is still inconsistent in terms of his touch (he rifled one to Hines that was incomplete and lofted one that was over his head later), but this was game four. In the last 20 years of Florida football, UF has had three seasons of a dual threat quarterback. With the way some people are reacting, you'd think we were Nebraska moving away from the option.
  • As for Alabama, Jaye Howard has already given the Tide bulletin board material. I guess Howard didn't see Mark Ingram's 54 yard touchdown run against Arkansas or how the Tide used him like Mariano Rivera to finish off the Hogs.
  • For those who were upset that Alabama won, trust me, it's better for UF to play No. 1. Not only is it the novelty of playing No. 1, but Alabama won't have one loss and be angry. (Well, maybe a little angry.) If Bama loses this season prior to the SEC Championship Game, may God have mercy on their opponents. Remember, in 2008 following the Ole Miss loss, UF won their next eight games by an average score of 52-12.