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SEC Power Poll Week 4


The shake down begins in the SEC. It is also pretty clear that the SEC West winner will probably win the league. As always, check out Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Alabama: The Tide offensive line was getting manhandled in the first half against Arkansas, then turned it around in the second half. Mark Ingram gets the credit, but the o-line was the reason.

2. Auburn: Maybe they have benefited from two home games against Clemson and South Carolina. But, the Tigers defense deserves credit for locking down in the late stages of each game.

3. Arkansas: Look on the brightside, Ryan Mallett; Todd McShay will probably make you the 2010 Jevan Snead

4. Florida: The Gators defense can stack up to anyone, even with the inconsistent pass rush. The problem is an offense in which John Brantley is missing too many open receivers and getting saved on high passes by a rejuvenated Carl Moore

5. South Carolina: Marcus Lattimore had four touches in the second half against Auburn. It doesn't matter which QB the Gamecocks use when your best player is shutout by your play calling.

6. LSU: It has gotten to the point where Jordan Jefferson is hurting LSU. So, Les Miles has decided to play him against Tennessee. I hope Jefferson plays at Florida, too.

From this point, you can throw anyone in a bag and get an acceptable ranking. Well, except for Georgia and Ole Miss.

7. Mississippi State: The Bulldogs defense bent, but did not break against Georgia. With upcoming games against Alcorn State and injury ridden Houston, they could be on a three-game winning streak heading into the Florida game.

8. Kentucky: Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke are good players. But when your defense cannot stop an option keeper inside the 10 five times, maybe Cobb and Locke should play defense.

9. Vanderbilt: Of the bad teams in the SEC, at least Vandy works hard. Georgia has 10 times the talent and half the effort.

10. Tennessee: I know the cupboard is pretty bare in Knoxville, but that is no excuse for Denarius Moore celebrating his winning touchdown against UAB like they beat Alabama.

11. Georgia: I like Georgia as a school, but their former athletic director, their coaching staff and their commercial have been an embarrassment. It's clear once Mark Richt runs out of motivational gimmicks, he is a below-average coach.

12. Ole Miss: Until another SEC team loses to a 1-AA team, Ole Miss deserves the basement.