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Florida Gators Gameday Notes

What the Fourth Estate is saying about today's Miami (Ohio)-Florida game;
  • Urban Meyer tells the Palm Beach Post that 2010 Florida will not be 2007 Florida. He says this rebuilding project has the same amount of young talent, but more veteran leadership that will be the difference.
  • The Miami Herald writes about the numerous questions still surrounding the Gators. From quarterback to wide receiver, defensive line to linebacker, plus new coaches and Meyer's health, no one really knows what to expect.
  • Pat Dooley says Opening Day is Christmas. I prefer thinking of it as Easter, since Easter has a Holy Thursday, too. There's more to it than that, but it's too early in the morning to breakdown feast days.
  • How will UF cope without their missing defensive leaders? That's the question asked by the St. Petersburg Times. I'd love to see one of Florida's defensive players wear the Black Hat retired by Brandon Spikes when he went to the NFL. I'm hoping Dominique Easley ("In 9th grade I realized I like hitting people") is that guy.
  • The Oxford Press (Ohio) writes what we all know; the speed difference between Southern and Northern schools are on the lines. Everyone has fast skill positions. But the South has fast tackles and ends.