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Florida Gators Sunday notes

  • Mike Pouncey is a man, he is not forty, but he knows he shoulders a majority of the blame for Florida's woes in Saturday's 34-12 win over Miami (Ohio). Pouncey said the ball was slipping out of his hand, which worries me. If you're gripping the ball on a snap under center, the laces (usually) face left with the thumb over a seam. That way, the laces hit the QB's top/dominant hand as the center curls his wrist on the snap. On a shotgun, the laces (usually) face right, under the center's fingers, assuming a righty center. (To me it looked like Pouncey's thumb was on the laces. But I haven't seen a clear replay yet.) I guess Pouncey could have been doing everything right and the ball was still slipping. In that case, he needs a sticky pair of gloves.
  • John Brantley was a bit wild, but 17 of 25 and two touchdowns isn't bad. The 113 yards passing was bad. Brantley either wasn't willing to go upfield or didn't want to. Either way, Brantley thinks there is plenty of room for improvement. And to the people asking Brantley to "run over" defenders, get real. He is a passing quarterback. Leave that to Trey Burton.
  • Will Hill, Carl Johnson and Frankie Hammond were suspended for Saturday's game. Andre Debose didn't play because for some reason. Seriously. Urban Meyer didn't know Debose never saw action until asked in the post game.
  • Pat Dooley kindly asks you to back away from the ledge, then gives the offense a "D". Even grading on a scale, I think that is too high.
  • ESPN's Chris Fowler is a smart guy and he is knocking the Gators back in his AP poll. I would expect the same from other voters. On the bright side, the AP poll is not used for the BCS.
  • If you were upset with the play calling, don't be. Florida, in the Meyer era, has a basic offense for the first game and ramps up for Tennessee. The problem was a lack of execution and lack of blocking. I think I made as many blocks as T.J. Pridemore did. Pouncey's bad day snapping also led to him glancing off defenders, instead of knocking them backwards. Plus, Jeff Demps big run came when Ian Silberman was used as a tight end. When I saw that, I was actually worried since Tennessee will see it coming when big No. 77 gets on the field.
  • I was very pleased to see how big (even from the top of the south end zone) Ronald Powell, Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley were. Powell looks like a freak, Floyd looks like former Packer Gilbert Brown, and it looked like Easley's legs would pop the seams of his pants.