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SEC Power Poll Week 1


Our SEC Power Poll ballot. Aside from Ole Miss and Vandy, you could put anyone in any position and it would work. Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

Drop your ideas in the comments.

1. Alabama: The class of the league, even without Mark Ingram and Marcell Dareus. Maybe Penn State can challenge them for a half.

2. LSU: The Tigers team that played in the first three quarters against UNC is the second best team in the SEC. The team that played in the fourth quarter was as good as Ole Miss.

3. Mississippi State: Does 569 yards of offense and five passing touchdowns mean that Dan Mullen has the spread at full speed? Tyler Russell was also 13-16 for 256 yards and threw four of those touchdowns.

4. South Carolina: The Gamecocks scored on 7 of 11 possessions against Southern Miss and made Stephen Garcia finally look like a real quarterback. It will be interesting to see if he can do it against Georgia.

5. Florida: I feel like I'm making a homer pick by putting the Gators at five. At least the defense was decent in week one. Granted it was against a team coming off a 1-11 season.

6. Kentucky: The Wildcats went on the road to defeat a BCS out-of-conference rival. No one else in the league did that. Kentucky deserves some credit for that.

7. Georgia: In his first game as starter, Aaron Murray completed passes to nine different receivers. And none of them were named A.J. Green. If Green comes back, the Bulldogs could be the favorites in the SEC East.

8. Auburn: As long as Cam Newton avoids his roommates' laptops, he should be successful at Auburn.

9. Arkansas: Ryan Mallett begins his dark horse Heisman campaign with a solid day; 21-24, 301 yards and three touchdowns. However, it came against Tennessee Tech.

10. Tennessee: The Vols shutout Tennessee-Martin. They will not shutout Oregon, who just dropped 72 on New Mexico. Also, Matt Simms needs to be better than 14 of 24 passing, especially against a weak sister like UT-Martin.

11. Vanderbilt: Vandy should have defeated Northwestern, but special teams and referees conspired to beat them. Do they rally and use the loss as inspiration, or fall into the funk we all expect from them?

12. Mississippi: An embarrassment to SEC football. It looks like Jeremiah Masoli transferred his bad karma from Oregon, too.