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Was Florida's offense sloppy or out-of-sync?

Mike Pouncey's struggles aside, it was not a good day for the Florida offense. The 60 or so yards lost due to chasing down snaps would have made UF around 300 yards of total offense, at least. That said, even on clean plays, UF did not look good.

Emmanuel Moody was stuffed on 4th and 1 and every rush, John Brantley looked to dump it to Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps too much, and the offensive line was not solid (no sacks, however). Not only that, if Demps got outside, there was no blocking from T.J. Pridemore, Carl Moore (who is like Lou Murphy, minus the talent) and my brother Omarius Hines, who otherwise played well. Granted, all of this could be traced back to Pouncey's snaps throwing off the timing for every play. 

When UF started the game struggling, I originally thought they were sloppy. The Gators were running a basic plan that, if executed, still works. While the Tennessee game is usually the first time the Gators truly look crisp, I expected more from UF in game one. As the game progressed, I thought Pouncey's problems became the team's problem. Since everything in UF's offense is based on timing, Brantley leaning too low or to the side for a snap, throws off everything from when a handoff is made and when the receiver's window is open. If you assume like I did, you'll come to the conclusion that UF was out-of-sync. Fix Pouncey and you fix the team.

But I'm a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to this edition of the Gators. What do you think? And if you think the Gators were sloppy, can they fix it?