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Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em winner

With victories in 11 of his top 12 picks and 34 confidence points in Auburn, morpyh1701's Lounge Lizards won the Fourth Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. Lounge Lizards scored 462 points, besting second place Farve Dolla Foot Longs, who had 457. However, with 25 of 35 games picked correctly, the Foot Longs won the President's Trophy. Our hard luck loser was the winner of our season pick'em, PostalGator, who had 23 wins (the same as our winner) but finished in 38th place.

Morpyh1701, to collect your prize of the Vintage Florida Gators Calendar, email us at with your home address and we will send it along.

As always, thanks for reading.