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Janoris Jenkins arrested for pot possession; once again we are shocked that there is weed in Gainesville

And so begins the real Florida off-season; hoping that no one gets in trouble. Unfortunately, Janoris Jenkins broke the seal this weekend. Take it away Gainesville Sun:

Florida senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been cited for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana by Gainesville Police.

Jenkins received the citation after officers observed Jenkins attempting to roll a cannabis cigarette in the bathroom of a downtown night club (Status Nightclub) on Saturday night.

The possession charge is a misdemeanor. Jenkins was arrested, but he signed a notice to appear and was released. He has a Feb. 17 court date.

I won't get into the layers of stupidity here, but I think the first rule of going out should be, "Do not go to a bar bathroom with a cop or attendant in it." Either you're getting arrested or tipping a guy for handing you a paper towel. Secondly, we are again shocked, SHOCKED, that guys smoke weed in Gainesville.