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Chomping At Bits: Wait And See On Will Muschamp's Time At Florida

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Give Will Muschamp time: It's kind of insane that this column even needs to be written, but it's a good read. (Thomas Goldkamp, Gator Country)

LSU's magical healing jump pass: "One play can remedy a lifetime of pain." Here, and completely unrelated, is one of my favorite Urban Dictionary pages. That link contains a naughty word. (Rob Landry, The LSU Daily Reveille)

"Reality check" and "ultimate insult": Why, yes, this is a pretty basic and creatively limited viewpoint. (Stewart Mandel, Sports Illustrated)

Tim Tebow officially nice: Not that you could tell from the picture. (Sports Illustrated)

It could be worse: Man, that name at the end of the flowchart sounds familiar. (Peter Bean, Burnt Orange Nation)

We could be Texas: There is much discussion of lions in this post. (Scipio Tex, Barking Carnival)

Best time-waster in a while: I promise you will be addicted to this. (Mamono Sweeper)

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