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Alligator Army Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

After the jump, reasoning.

  • LSU's defense > Oklahoma's offense > Alabama's defense.
  • Oklahoma State would probably carpet-bomb Boise State, and Clemson would probably win a lot of games against the Broncos by double digits, but Boise being Boise means I'm still picking them if in the hypothetical BCS bowl game against an undefeated BCS conference team.
  • Oregon's offense, even without LaMichael James, is as good or better than Stanford's, and Oregon's defense is a bit better than Stanford's defense without Shayne Skov.
  • Michigan is due to start losing soon. Some team will make adjustments after Brady Hoke's halftime adjustments or pile up too big a lead to erase. But its win over Northwestern was impressive.
  • I really have no idea what I am doing after about Kansas State. Is Virginia Tech good because it outlasted Miami? Is Nebraska good because Ohio State collapsed? Is South Carolina good because is throttled Kentucky?
  • The less said about the bottom of the rankings, the better. I might have stopped at No. 21 or so if I could've, and it took me a lot longer to do the last three teams than the first 12 or so.