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Report: Dee Finley Still With Gators, Discussing Future

Amid earlier reports last night by The Gainesville Sun, it appeared as if sophomore LB Dee Finley had played his last game as a member of the Florida Gators football team. Well, it appears as if those reports may have in fact been a bit premature.

While head coach Will Muschamp hasn't ruled out the possibility of a transfer, the two remain in discussion on what the next step will be. Which of course at this time is anyone's guess.

During the Wednesday Southeastern Conference Coaches teleconference, Muschamp had this to say about the situation:

"Dee and I talked the other night and we’re going to meet again," Muschamp said. "I told him that he needed to take a little time to think about what he needed to do and where he was in his mind. He and I probably plan to meet today sometime and we’ll address that as we go."

Muschamp was also asked if there was anything official to report:

"Not at this time."

So it does appear that nobody knows what the situation really is at this time. Judging by Muschamp's comments, we should know more by tomorrow, before the Auburn game at the latest. You know, because, Muschamp operates in secret and all.