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Florida Gators Unranked in Week 8 AP, USA Today Polls

For the second consecutive week, the Florida Gators remain unranked in both the USA Today and AP college football polls. This time, the Gators lost to the Auburn Tigers 17-6. It doesn't help matters much that just three weeks ago, the Gators were ranked as high as No. 12 in both polls.

With the scheduled bye-week this weekend, it is highly unlikely that the Gators will be ranked heading into their match up in Jacksonville with the Georgia Bulldogs in two weeks. Also, the first official BCS Standings of the 2011 season will be released tonight at 8 p.m. The Gators, aren't expected to be in the Top 25.

As always, for those interested:

  • LSU is ranked No. 2 (USA Today) and No. 1 (AP)
  • Alabama is ranked No. 3 (USA today) and No. 2 (AP)
  • Arkansas is ranked No. 10 (USA Today) and No. 10 (AP)
  • South Carolina is ranked No. 12 (USA Today) and No. 14 (AP)
  • Auburn is ranked No. 23 (USA Today) and No. 19 (AP)
  • Georgia is ranked No. 24 (AP)
  • Florida State, Miami and Tennessee are unranked

That gives the Southeastern Conference a total of six ranked teams in the AP poll and five in the USA Today coaches poll. The Harris poll will be out later tonight as it is one of the two polls used in the BCS Standings. But like the BCS Standings, the Harris poll isn't expected to include the Gators as they were ranked No. 25 last week, and well, lost on Saturday.

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