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Chomping At Bits: Remember Will Muschamp Guaranteeing A Florida Win Over Georgia?

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Will Muschamp's guarantee: I wonder if it had a "John Brantley as starter or void" condition. Our Georgia blog had a somewhat different reaction to the guarantee than we did. (Andy Hutchins, Alligator Army | T. Kyle King, Dawg Sports)

Muschamp apologizes for cussing: Not the sentiment, mind you, just the language. (Rachel George, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

The Ronald Powell transfer rumor: I'll believe it when I see it. (Daniel Thompson, Bourbon Meyer)

Does Vegas learn? Interesting research from a friend of the blog. (John Ezekowitz, Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective)

After the jump, links from around SB Nation.

Great Man Theory and coaches: Semi-related to Muschamp! (Nestor, Bruins Nation)

Charts and numbers and stuff: I won't pretend to know what all of this means. (chemenole, Tomahawk Nation)

Alphabetical: Words! (Spencer Hall, SB Nation)

Numerical: Numbers and words! (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

On conference realignment: And, y'know, football. (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

Market Adjustments, Week 7: I expect us to underperform ad infinitum. (Bill Connelly, SB Nation)

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