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Florida Gators Fall in Week 6 College Football Rankings: No. 18 in USA Today Poll, No. 17 in AP Top 25

The Florida Gators fell in both the USA Today Poll and the Associated Press Poll following their 38-10 loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday night. The Gators, entering the game 4-0 (1-0) were thought by some, to have a decent chance to win the game. Well, after starting out great, things went downhill rather quickly.

The Gators will enter this weekend's action against Louisiana State ranked No. 18 in the USA Today Poll and No. 17 in the AP Poll. The drop of six spots (USA Today Poll) and five spots (AP Poll) after the loss, were to be expected.

As always, for those interested:

  • LSU is ranked No. 2 (USA Today) and No. 1 (AP)
  • Alabama is ranked No. 3 (USA Today) and No. 2 (AP)
  • Arkansas is ranked No. 12 (USA Today) and No. 10 (AP)
  • South Carolina is ranked No. 14 (USA Today) and No. 18 (AP)
  • Florida State is ranked No. 22 (USA Today) and No. 23 (AP)
  • Auburn is ranked No. 23 (USA Today) and No. 15 (AP)

As noticed, the Auburn Tigers joins the list of SEC teams being ranked in the polls. With newly ranked Auburn joining the list, the SEC can now claim a total of six teams ranked in the USA Today and Associated Press polls. 

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