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John Brantley's Injury, On Video, Looks Painful

Here is the video of John Brantley's injury — still undisclosed and unknown, of course — from Saturday night, because I figure if we're going to be talking about it for the foreseeable future, it makes sense to at least have it here as a sort of document of our suffering.

That looks bad: Brantley's right leg gets wrenched under his body as Courtney Upshaw sacks him, and his right ankle bends in an absolutely unnatural manner. It's no surprise that Brantley stayed down and had to be helped off the field after this play; it looks like nothing less serious than sprains/strains of multiple muscles in the leg, and I could see that being either a compound fracture of the shin or ankle or an ACL/MCL tear on the more serious end.

For this reason, I'm not expecting to see Brantley back in uniform during his Florida career. But I will say this: The radio silence from Will Muschamp/Florida and whomever told Joe Schad that Brantley played with broken ribs last season suggests that this might not necessarily be a season-ending injury.